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Pat Tiernan carving a decorative piece


Thanks for looking at my page. My name is Pat Tiernan and I live in the centre of Ireland. I am a self taught wood carving artist. I specialise in celtic design and I modify my art to depict the intricate interlacing that can be seen throughout all celtic design.

I have a passion for everything celtic and  this can be seen in my work. All the pieces you see here are  unique and are hand carved by me. I carve anything from coats of arms, to photo frames or even  furniture that incorporates the design. I also do large display pieces that are ideal to be mounted on walls or over fire places.

All my work is on a commission basis and I will design and carve to suit your requirement.

Again thanks for viewing my website and please feel free to give me a call or email me. I would love to chat to you about your ideas.



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